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Agent Experience

Unrivaled agent support, customized brand marketing, and a modern business approach that will make your life easier. Our platform allows you to do more business with less hassle; saving you time and improving your lifestyle.


Top Commission Split

Most Select agents are on a 90%-98% commission split. Use our calculator to compare your current split and see how much more you could be making with us. Do you know what you’re worth?


Agent Experience

With Select’s fast and efficient onboarding process, transitioning to our team is easy. Within two hours, we will have you up and running, making sure your business never skips a beat.

Life at Select

RE/MAX Select Realty (RSR) lives true to its ideal, Simply Better.  We have believed in straightforward business practices since our humble beginning in 2000, working hard to evolve into a quality business focused on innovation, satisfaction, and results. 

Our agent support stands unrivaled. RSR was started by agents who knew what they were worth and changed real estate culture by providing most agents with a 90 to 98 percent commission split. We listen to your needs and concerns to make sure Select Realty gives you the experience you deserve. 

Our marketing team works to capture unique, personalized, and creative branding that targets the exact clients you’re looking for. Our company uses the latest technology to give you a seamless transition with simple, fast, and organized transactions. Join Select Realty and be a part of a Simply Better company that adapts to and embraces the future of real estate.

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See for yourself why Select Realty is Simply Better. We are certain you won’t disagree.